I   tape (self released) 2010
The Taste of Repent    tape (Prairie Fire) 2011
Born to lose  3" cd-r (Diazepam) 2011
A Night To Dismember / Shiver   split net release (Datahex) 2011
They will feed on us  tape (Diazepam) 2011
Troubled Sleep    Hheva/Shiver split tape (Diazepam) 2012
There's daggers in men's smiles  Regosphere/Shiver split tape (Dumpsterscore) 2012
The light within has turned into darkness tape (Diazepam) 2012 
オキシコドン / Shiver  split c-40 (Diazepam) 2013
Shiver / New Forest  split c-20 (Dumpsterscore) 2013
Shiver / NRYY  split tape (Rauha Turva) 2014 
A Happy Death. // Shiver  split c-40 (Angst & Diazepam) 2014

Tones Of The Apocalypse net release (Datahex) 2010