sabato 2 aprile 2011

SHIVER - The Taste of Repent

"The Taste of Repent is two tracks and 30 minutes of heavy psychological terror.

“Breeding” is a dark dark thundering, feedback soundscape. It builds and builds – heaping pain upon pain until the inevitable breaking point hits with screams of torment.

“Conscience is a Mutilation” takes half a step away from its soul-shattering predecessor. The addition of a sense of beauty to the proceedings makes the aural torture seem even crueler. Much like being dragged out of a dungeon and into the most visually stunning cathedral in order to receive a most vicious round of torture.

Art & Sleeve design by Cole Peters

Recorded on Chrome tapes w/ download code.

Edition of 40."

6e/8e ppd eu/world

Thanks to Prairie Fire Tapes