mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

Shiver / New Forest - Split - C-20

Shiver is the main solo project of Mauro Sciaccaluga. He's also is a member of the well-known drone trio UR, runs the Diazepam label, several side projects and is also a member of several Italian Hardcore/Punk bands. While the majority of Shiver's output mixes old school industrial sounds with power electronics and harsh noise, this recording scales things back a bit giving more emphasis on atmosphere and building suspense. Mesmerizing guitar and vocal loops slowly build, laying the foundation for skittering junk metal abuse, swelling feedback and pitch shifted tape loops. The cycle builds and builds before collapsing back in on its self leaving only the rhythmic drones to gently ease you back into reality. Fans of industrial drenched ambient will surely love this amazing track.

New Forest is the newer project of long standing Portland noise recluse Levi Berner. He also runs the tape label Horse Worship as well as taking part in several group projects and has had many different solo projects over the past decade. On his half of the tape, crystalline metallic synth drones intermingle with cascades of filtered white noise and blasts of no-input mixer feedback. Early industrial influences mingle with modern drone production to create something bordering uneasily between and serene and disgusting. The subtlety and patience for evolving individual sounds into a mesmerizing whole is what really drives this beast straight into your third eye like spear used in some esoteric trepanation ceremony.

Chrome high bias tapes with b/w labels. Glossy laser printed b/w cover. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

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